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After more than 3 years of trying to re-ignite interest in the RENEGADE
LEGIONr line that we took over from FASA Corporation, we've decided to call it
quits. The rights for the universe have reverted back to FASA. We have a small
supply of the games and supplements available while they last, please email
for details. Please accept that it was not our intent to leave players high
and dry. Its just that in the wake of "Magic: The Gathering" and the general
slow-down of gaming, reviving RENEGADE LEGION was not something we could do.
It pains me more than you to see it go. All that I can suggest is to support
it at local shows, and write letters to FASA letting them know you still love
it. Maybe you can convince them to give it another try.

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============From FASA==================================================

Date sent:        Thu, 22 Aug 1996 10:02:13 -0400
Subject:          Re: Renegade Legion re-possession?

Dear Kannik,

Thanks for your thoughts on R. Legion.  We agree, it is a great game system.
 Unfortunately, we just don't have the "manpower" to support 4 game lines.  I
suppose it is possible we will license the system to someone else, but it is

If you have a pending order with NSG, please contact Paul Linberg direct, he
still has stock on hand.  If you fail to get a response, please feel free to
contact us and we will try to help.



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The official Renegade Legion: Interceptor new ruleset, as was to 
be published by NSG is posted and hosted here on this site!  Check it out
in the Rules Section...

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