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Saturday, September 1

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the next Miyazaki movie.
Genesis Whitmore 9/1/2001 11:28:47 PM

Still waiting for the bloody Atlanta and Florida dates!!!!
Genesis Whitmore 9/1/2001 11:26:25 PM

An interesting little flash site on an anti-raver site, I present, the RAVER MELTDOWN!
Genesis Whitmore 9/1/2001 06:51:09 PM

Really funky, but how the heck do you ship 50lbs of butter?
Genesis Whitmore 9/1/2001 12:02:48 PM

This is so amazingly cute that I think my stomach is going to turn inside out.
Genesis Whitmore 9/1/2001 12:00:28 PM

Turn your computer into a virtual hamster.
Genesis Whitmore 9/1/2001 11:44:24 AM

Friday, August 31

These two were friends of mine. I used to get my comics there all the time.
Genesis Whitmore 8/31/2001 10:17:05 PM

An awesome article that pretty much sums up my opinion on the whole Microsoft anti-trust thing.
Genesis Whitmore 8/31/2001 07:51:27 PM

Behold! The Cat Food Calculator.
Genesis Whitmore 8/31/2001 07:25:56 PM

Bambi! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
Genesis Whitmore 8/31/2001 07:21:22 PM

Leprosy Barbie... not much more to say about this, except you might want to pay a visit to Tourettes Syndrome barbie afterwards.
Genesis Whitmore 8/31/2001 07:09:47 PM

Now you can fake someone's death via url trickery via this link!
Genesis Whitmore 8/31/2001 07:04:16 PM

Official proof! NASA faked the moon landing and this page proves it!
Genesis Whitmore 8/31/2001 01:59:25 PM

The home page of the Alderaan tourism bureau.
Genesis Whitmore 8/31/2001 01:58:03 PM

Thursday, August 30

Info on the new Euro Cash. I'm not too sure what I think of the idea of worldwide accepted currency, it leans a little too close to world government.
Genesis Whitmore 8/30/2001 03:23:30 PM

This is interesting, an original Nazi BOMB ENGLAND Board Game on ebay.
Genesis Whitmore 8/30/2001 03:14:19 PM

Cool! Someone did some development on an old SWRPG article I wrote about starship sensors.
Genesis Whitmore 8/30/2001 08:39:44 AM

Alice Cooper has a Bacon number of two.
Genesis Whitmore 8/30/2001 08:12:21 AM

Damn you Disney!
Genesis Whitmore 8/30/2001 02:57:29 AM

The link below led me to another page about Mick. They also have information on the Gories, which was Mick's band when I first knew him. He joked to me that he could only play two guitar cords at the time, one of them badly.
Genesis Whitmore 8/30/2001 02:46:54 AM

Nifters, The Dirtbombs have a homepage! The lead guitarist, Mick Collins, is a friend of mine and a really neat guy. I wonder if he can play more than two chords now...
Genesis Whitmore 8/30/2001 02:43:09 AM

Wednesday, August 29

I bought this shirt. Jeremy is such a cool comic!
Genesis Whitmore 8/29/2001 10:36:29 PM

WandBilt has some really gorgeous art. I wonder what programs he uses to color this with?
Genesis Whitmore 8/29/2001 07:06:19 PM

How to tell if your head is about to explode.
Genesis Whitmore 8/29/2001 02:27:39 PM

I see dead people. Well, their graves anyhow...
Genesis Whitmore 8/29/2001 02:12:37 PM

And while we're on the subject of Dilbert, theck out the Dilberito.
Genesis Whitmore 8/29/2001 01:59:14 PM

Behold, the Ultimate Cubicle.
Genesis Whitmore 8/29/2001 01:57:22 PM

From Karena, watch out! They'll be building computers next.
Genesis Whitmore 8/29/2001 01:05:56 PM

Tuesday, August 28

This fellow puts things in his microwave that he shouldn't.
Genesis Whitmore 8/28/2001 09:54:48 PM

Can you tell them apart?
Genesis Whitmore 8/28/2001 09:52:19 PM

And here's something to help you sleep.
Genesis Whitmore 8/28/2001 09:51:25 PM

Now this is a place to have a concert! All gothic and stuff... cool!
Genesis Whitmore 8/28/2001 09:45:46 PM

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was released onto DVD today! YAY! Uriel and I have been wanting to get this...
Genesis Whitmore 8/28/2001 09:06:54 AM

Wolfen! It's a shame they're all out of stock. Very cool minis!
Genesis Whitmore 8/28/2001 09:03:54 AM

I miss Dupree.
Genesis Whitmore 8/28/2001 02:04:25 AM

I wish they would have said whether or not the curse actually worked. Of course, maybe if the islanders wanted it removed it must have had some impact.
Genesis Whitmore 8/28/2001 01:55:49 AM

Monday, August 27

I found a neat little program that converts RealAudio files to mp3 format. Be sure and get the earlier version if you decide to dnag this, as they lost a legal battle with Real and had to stop supporting it on later releases.
Genesis Whitmore 8/27/2001 06:18:13 PM

Zero tolerance for duck sauce.
Genesis Whitmore 8/27/2001 12:17:53 PM

If you think the rapture is happening, best to make certain lest you hurt yourself.
Genesis Whitmore 8/27/2001 12:15:53 PM

Pretty birdie!
Genesis Whitmore 8/27/2001 11:25:49 AM

Interesting photos. Ashkan Sahihi photographs people under the influence of drugs so people can see what they do to you.
Genesis Whitmore 8/27/2001 11:19:11 AM

Another scary yet highly accurate flash movie. So how come my copy of Windows takes up so much space when a tiny flash applet does all the same things in less than 300k?
Genesis Whitmore 8/27/2001 11:17:07 AM

This is a very tolerant bunny.
Genesis Whitmore 8/27/2001 09:40:20 AM

Sunday, August 26

An interesting Time Magazine article on homeschooling.
Genesis Whitmore 8/26/2001 12:32:59 PM

More info on Buckeye, Arizona. Seems like a nice small town.
Genesis Whitmore 8/26/2001 06:57:51 AM

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